Behind the scenes at The Green Tent Company rescue mission

FOLLOWING THE failure of Myhab to supply services to 3,000 people at Glastonbury festival (see BBC News story here), we spoke to Ben Collins from The Green Tent Company (GTC) about how the company stepped in to make sure punters were not disappointed…

“We got the call on Sunday afternoon that we were needed to carry out an SOS mission to house (or in this case encapsulate in waterproof material!) 3,000 people at Glastonbury Festival.

Michael Eavis took the initiative and brought the GTC in after the announcement – five days before customers were due to arrive – that Myhab would not be able to supply the facilities that they had offered.

By Monday we had a truck-load of supplies; plus waterproofs and wellies packed, and we made our way down to Pennard Hill Farm where the enormity of the task before us became clear: Toilets, showers, catering, bar facilities and most importantly tents for 3,000 people were needed by 9am Wednesday when the campsite officially opened!

We had 2,000 of our recyclable tents to put up, as well as the other promised facilities, such as showers and catering. The rain and mud did their best to thwart things, but come Wednesday morning most of the tents were up, the showers were running with hot water, toilets clean and in place, bacon baps prepared and beer cooled and ready to be served.

Thanks to the help of enthusiastic and brilliant staff on site and a significant amount of teamwork, in two days we had created a campsite for 3,000 people who were able to concentrate on enjoying their Glastonbury in the full.”