Croke Park and Ryans Cleaning announce partnership

IRELAND The iconic, 82,300-capacity Croke Park Stadium in Dublin has announced a five-year partnership with venue and event cleaning specialist Ryans Cleaning.

Croke Park is the home of major events such as One Direction and Garth Brooks concerts and the Croke Park Classic, an American college football game.

Pat Ryan, chairman of Ryans Cleaning, said: “As a partner we want to ensure we can deliver a sustainable project every time through to the recycling of all waste. We want to help Croke Park continue to be one of the foremost venues in sustainable event management in the world.

“Winning this contract is further evidence of our commitment to sustainability and what it means. We and the Croke Park team are all behind this venture so we have no doubt of its success.”

Alan Gallagher, Head of Stadium Operations for Croke Park, said: “We and Ryans have a lot of synergies and beliefs in how we work and what we are aiming to achieve so we look forward to a long and constructive relationship, particularly in achieving our sustainability objectives.”

Ryans Cleaning has provided services to some of the most memorable events of the last 25 years, including the London Olympics, BT London Live and the Queen’s Jubilee in Hyde Park.