Festival invites guests to curate stages

Milhões de Festa
PORTUGAL Milhões de Festa has invited Spanish festival Monkey Week, fellow Portuguese festival Swr Barroselas Metalfest, and record labels Desmonta and Matapadre to curate content at this year’s event.

Monkey Week festival will present concerts from The Milkyway Express, Cró!, and Little Cobras, and record label Matapadre brings its acts Guerrera, Disco las, and Disco Las Palmeras!.

From Brazil, with an electronic touch for jazz and rock, label Desmonta will present performances from producer M. Takara and the smooth trio Baoba Stereo Club.

Swr Barroselas Metalfest will curate performances from doom-rockers A Tree of Signs, black metalheads Morte Incandescente, happy grinders Serrabulho and post-metal sludgers Mother Abyss.

Milhões de Festa takes place in Barcelos from 24-27 July.