Stageline SAM750 Embarks on First Run in US

USA Stageline has contributed to the outdoor staging industry once again with the introduction of the SAM750, a giant concert stage which can be quickly assembled.

After a spell in Canada for Osheaga last summer, the SAM750 started its first run in the United States with a stop in New York for Electric Daisy Carnival a month ago.

Following the demand for higher safety standards in the industry, Los Angeles based promoter Insomniac needed an innovative and cost efficient solution.

Stageline, who is well known in the industry for building heavy duty mobile stages designed for the most extreme weather and touring conditions, took on the challenge. They mixed fresh new ideas with 25 years experience and their pioneering spirit did the rest.

The SAM750 is the closest thing to a real life transformer; it comprises five trailers, which can be transformed into a vast, fully-covered concert stage.

Totally self standing, it does not need to be guy-wired or anchored to the ground and is virtually ballast free. It is equipped with multiple safety features such as a mechanism to lower or raise the wind wall quickly.

It is built with the highest design criteria, including 145km/h wind resistance for the stage and covered wings, 75 tons load bearing capacity, with a 15-ton screen support, and 12.5-ton cantilevered extension rigging beams.

The SAM750 is twice as fast to set up with half the crew, less equipment and fewer trailers compared to conventional constructed stages of a similar size and capacity.

Going through an extreme weather weekend with storms and flood warnings, Electric Daisy Carnival New York finally ended with a huge success again this year with over 100,000 attendees.

“Stageline and their new SAM750 delivered exactly what they had promised. We had substantial savings in both time and money and to top it all, it looked great,” said Alyxzander Bear, Director of Production at Insomniac.