Where’s the Music? Festival Set to Debut in February

SWEDEN: Where’s the Music? is a new event with two purposes: One obviously being the music, and the other being a comprehensive conference program to explore subjects related to the music industry.

The festival will include artist performances as well as lectures presented by people in the music industry, sharing their stories and experiences. The combination will provide a platform for networking, where national and international industry professionals will exchange experiences and ideas, discover new artists and forge new collaborations.

Folkert Koopmans, CEO of FKP Scorpio is looking forward to launch his new festival: “We have found a great and trustworthy partner in Upplev Norrköping while promoting Bråvalla Festival in 2013 and 2014. It feels great to come back to Norrköping with the new concept, Where’s the Music?, so that we can show international professionals in the music industry what Sweden is well known for in Europe – to find and bring up interesting new artists and innovative technical solutions.”

”It feels great to develop the collaboration with FKP by creating a new festival together,” said Stefan Papangelis, CEO, Experience Norrköping. “Where’s the Music? is going to improve the image of Norrköping as a music city and bring us even closer to its vision to become the Music Capital of Sweden”.

Taking place in various public locations in the unique area called Industrilandskapet in the central of Norrköping, Where’s the Music? aims to be one of the most important meeting points for European music industry, where they can meet the Swedish industry and make great things happen. The live music focus will be on Swedish artists, but there will also be room for international music, where visitors can discover the stars and sound of tomorrow.