Indian company launches European festival travel packages

Muzenly logo
INDIA A new company has launched, with the aim of introducing the festivals wordlwide to Indian music lovers through package deals including festival tickets, flights and accommodation.

Muzenly was set up by Mumbai-born Sudhama Bhatia following his completion of a Masters at New York University, a five-year stint with Goldman Sachs and a year at Knewton (a start up pioneering adaptive learning).

It offers people a one-stop shop to buy a trip to festivals, including flights and tickets.

“At Muzenly, we believe that you should focus on the music experience and not worry about the planning that comes with it,” Bhatia says. “We understand that it can be quite cumbersome to figure out where to stay, how to get there and then buy the tickets from somewhere else.

“Our aim is to make this experience as seamless as possible. In fact, we want to make it so easy, that we want people to travel only for music.”

One of its early clients is Serbia’s EXIT festival, winner of the Best Major Festival award at the 2013 European Festival Awards.