Cambodian Authorities Force Cancellation of Inaugural kaZantip Festival

CAMBODIA: Citing the prevention of ‘indecent tourism’ as their motive, Cambodian authorities have allegedly denied access to the bridge leading to the venue of kaZantip’s Cambodian debut. Set to take place from February 18 – 28, it seems that the predominantly electronic festival will no longer go ahead.

Organiser Nikita Marshunok posted a somewhat confusing statement on the festival’s official website. An excerpt of said statement is as follows: ‘You will get me very upset if you are bored with each other on the other side of the bridge, etc. as long as we are fighting for the life of the project, for which i have spent my life and strength, the talent of hundreds of others. Let all us be not sad a little more. Lets it be as we want, because we don’t want anything bad.’