Rob da Bank Praises Flare Audio Sound at LEAF

UK: The London Electronic Arts Festival (LEAF) was a two-day cultural celebration of electronic music, art, technology and digital futurism, held at London’s Tobacco Dock this March. The event attracted around 20,000 electronic music fans into the heart of London, and Flare was selected as the event’s only audio supplier.

The LEAF conference is aimed at electronic music fans and the ‘pro-sumer’ market, with day one focusing on talks, demonstrations and discussion groups aimed at fans, enthusiasts, apprentices and connoisseurs, as well as interactive panels from high profile artists from the many corners of music, tech and art. Among panellists was the legendary Nile Rodgers, leading a discussion entitled ‘Unmoderated, Uncensored and Unlimited’.

“I was blown away almost quite literally by the sound quality that Flare provided for our LEAF festival,” commented Organiser Rob da Bank. “Whether it was a live act or DJ, or in a small room to a vast warehouse space, they delivered on every level and were supremely professional all weekend.”

Flare Audio products provided sound for both the conference and live performances. Flare’s V8C and V12C high SPL point source loudspeakers and flat panel SB18 bass delivered focussed, distortion free audio with minimal footprint for the LEAF conference. The evening performances were powered by a total of 8 x X5A mid high and 12 x Q18 sub bass Flare speakers. The X5A epitomises Flare’s approach to sound, combining ‘optimal clarity, power and natural sound’, while remaining highly controllable. The X5A produces distortion free sound through linear driver movement in an enclosure that measures just 420mm x 910mm x 278mm. The 3-way enclosure features one 15”, two 6.5” and two 1” drivers, and combines point source and line source theory to create clear, complete coverage and throw. The benefits include no electronic correction, no dampening and no fixed crossovers.

The Q18 employs Nanoflow driver alignment and Vortex technologies to produce deep and directional bass. Optimised driver alignment allows for efficient coupling, with the minimum amount of low-frequency wave damage.

“We also used two pairs of X2A speakers in the main room as delays and two pairs of X0A 4” speakers in a break out conference room,” explained Waq from Flare supplier, Mustt Audio. “X0A is unique as they can be used in pairs (with a bracket) and have a two position switch which allows a single NL4 cable to supply Left and Right audio to the speakers, which mount on a microphone stand.”

Alice Favre, Operations Director for LEAF, commented: “We like to be a little different at LWE and rather than go for the ‘industry standard’ we take a little time, do some research and go with whatever feels like the best fit for our events. Flare has consistently stood out over other brands for us. We have always felt like we have achieved something outstanding with them. People usually use social media to complain about sound at events and that is something we never have when using Flare. Tobacco Dock, our most popular venue, has tight sound restrictions and neighbours a mere 50m away from the speakers. We have achieved high definition, high-octane sound whilst working with the neighbours to ensure they are happy, which is possible due to the superb sound control offered by the Flare products.”

Waq from Mustt continued: “The LEAF festival encompasses all that is unique in electronic music and highlights the pioneering spirit of this modern art form, with discussions, exchanging ideas, learning and the live sessions at the end of each day. With this in mind we are proud that LWE have cemented their relationship with Flare and to have been the exclusive audio supplier for LEAF 2015.”