Skiddle’s F100 – Unlocking the issues at the heart of festival promoters

In previous instances of Festival Insights we’ve caught up with some of the things UK ticketing website Skiddle can offer to the festival industry at large. These have involved utilising their Festival Guide, the largest and most expansive in the UK, to sell tickets, helping you expand your business into the European market and using their Rapidscan ticketing solutions.

This time however Skiddle are looking to the industry itself to enable them to collate insight into the demands of running a festival via its F100 initiative. This is designed to gather the voices of a hundred industry figures to understand the challenges that face the industry at present, done so to build up a comprehensive insight into the future of this ever changing and ever evolving industry.

The media is constantly discussing festivals, with everything from the annual proclamation of a downturn in the industry that appears in broadsheet newspapers, up to the music press discussing the impact it has on gig and club-going. The amount people spend, what festivalgoers get up to when they are there, even the celebrities that frequent them; few events excite the public quite like the festival season.

They have never been more prominently discussed or a bigger source of headlines than they are now, and the F100 aims to get right to the heart of the real issues that dog festival organisers, as well as the shifts in consumer behaviour they expect to happen in the future. It looks to not only detail what challenges affect the current market, but the way in which it will change in the near and long term future.

With a number of high profile submissions already secured, this is the opportunity for you to provide your input into a study that gets to the core of what issues really affect promoters and organisers in 2015. Is it financial backing, artistic identity or logistical headaches that present the biggest headache to you; perhaps something else? Whatever issues you encounter, this is the chance to help shape the debates that lie at the core of this industry.

You can contribute to the study anonymously, but as these results will be published and backed by a high profile PR campaign it is also the chance for your valuable opinions to reach a greater audience, used not only in the industry’s media but read by consumer titles as well. When the media looks ahead to predict the trends of festival season 2016, it’s these findings which will help shape the way that agenda is forged.

The F100 is deliberately speaking to organisers of every discipline and experience, with the words of industry professionals with decades of experience combined with the fresh opinions of newcomers to the industry. The aim is to provide a panoramic view of the entire industry, harnessing opinions from promoters and organisers from every genre and niche available, from the biggest of musical soirees right up to intimate food focused boutique offerings.

If you would like to take part in the F100 survey then click here.

For more information, please contact Jimmy Coultas at Skiddle for more information.