Elation EPT6IP LED video panels at NY CityFest

USA: Elation Professional’s new EPT6IP high-resolution LED display panels played a key role at NY CityFest with Luis Palau, a free outdoor concert held July 11 on the Great Lawn in New York’s Central Park.

Boston-based rental and production company Audio Spectrum provided all of the LED video screens and staging for the event, some 280 EPT6IP panels in all, some of which were sub-rented from Elation dealer Gemini Light, Sound & Video. Lighting design for the event was by Gordon Painter and Kevin Shaw.

The Elation EPT6IP panels were used for large stage wing portrait walls on each side of the stage, as well as on delay towers, to show live video and graphics throughout the show. Each wing was 8 panels wide and 14 panels tall (16 ft wide and 30 ft high) with each delay tower seven panels wide and four panels tall (15 ft wide and 9 ft high). “There were approximately 60,000 attendees at the event, so the purpose of the screens was to show live footage from the stage so that the show was visible to all attendees,” explained Audio Spectrum’s Luis Jaimes, who helped coordinate the design for all of the LED screens and oversaw all assembling and dismantling of the video screens for the event. “The side video screens were clearly visible, even in the bright summer sun, from hundreds and hundreds of feet away.”

The EPT6IP is a high resolution, 5000 Nit LED video panel with 6.7mm pixel pitch designed for demanding production and touring applications. A rugged aluminium frame, modular quick assembly design, and IP65 rating make it a go anywhere solution. “One of the main reasons I chose the EPT6IP product is because of its IP65 rating,” Luis said. “Going into this event we anticipated the screens being outdoors, uncovered, and vulnerable to weather for four days, so having an IP65 video screen was an absolute necessity. Two out of the four days we experienced heavy rain, but we had absolutely no issues with the screens. The IP 65 rating paired with its outstanding video quality made the EPT6IP the top choice for this event.”

With hundreds of panels to assemble, many of which had to be lifted 30 feet in the air, a no-hassle rigging system was a very important feature for Luis. “The EPT6IP panels are extremely easy to assemble and disassemble, which was extremely important due to the number of panels we had to assemble. The rigging system allowed us to assemble and disassemble all 280 panels in a very timely fashion, even with labourers who had not yet worked with these panels.”

Overall, Luis said, he was extremely pleased with the performance of the panels and most importantly the client was as well. “The panels exceeded expectations for the client,” he said. “Not only is the EPT6IP an impressive product but Elation provides the absolute best support and helped me every step of the way with this event. Red Walter, an Elation product specialist, came to the event personally and provided complete support for the event. With his expertise, everything went very smoothly. He was also very helpful in providing valuable information for my own knowledge that I will use in the future. Leading up to the event I also needed some minor repairs for a few panels, Elation was very quick to get them repaired and returned to me.”

Evangelist Luis Palau Festivals are free, family-friendly contemporary musical festivals, accomplished in partnership with hundreds of local churches and non-profits. With the goal of bringing ‘great music and good news,’ the event featured some of the best artists in contemporary Christian and Gospel music and was headlined by Toby Mac.

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