PrimaveraPro gets involved in music education

SPAIN: From this year forward, those behind Primavera Sound’s professional meeting, PrimaveraPro, will actively participate in the organisation of master’s degrees and other postgraduate courses across several Spanish universities, all dedicated to training and research in the music industry.

PrimaveraPro is committed to a broader participation in the training of professionals and researchers in the fields of sound and the music sector, offering its facilities to help research, development and innovation to those universities committed to the training of cultural managers.

These are the university programmes in which PrimaveraPro will actively participate in as a main partner:

The Master’s in Production and Cultural communication (Universitat Ramon Llull – Blanquerna) provides training for cultural professionals who are specialised in production and communication across all fields of cultural management (music, cinema, television, theatre, visual arts and new media).

The Master’s in Music Industry and Sound Studies (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) answers the need for professionals to be trained in confronting the challenges arising from digitalisation and the transformation of the field of sound and in the music sector. The objective of this programme is to investigate the processes of musical creation, boost innovation in the different areas of the world of sound, and to develop a critical approach to the changes in the industry.

PrimaveraPro will also collaborate in the following training programmes:

The Postgraduate Course in Global Music Business Management (idEC_UPF) is a comprehensive education in the music business. Expert training in the management of companies linked to the music business: record companies, management companies, consultancy, music publishers, concert promoters, and more. The postgraduate course pays special attention to the digital revolution and how to adapt to changing consumer habits.

PrimaveraPro will also provide teaching staff in the Online Postgraduate Course of Music Business Management (Universitat de València) that has been running for five years and is considered as a reference in the field of training in the music sector. The objective of the course is to give students knowledge and skills in the areas of business management, production, legal, marketing, communication, publishing, management, new technologies and music distribution.

This venture into the area of professional training for the cultural sector epitomises PrimaveraPro’s intention to consolidate itself as a place to analyse the changing future of the music industry, elevating the initiative into a year-round phenomenon.