Redefining event security post-Paris attacks

UK: The terrorist attacks in Paris last Friday left deep scars across the city and will have a significant impact on British events’ outlook, and budgets too. Home Secretary Theresa May confirmed that security is to be ‘intensified’ at events in major cities and the England vs. France friendly at Wembley was a perfect first example, with armed police bringing reassurance to a telling show of unity in the face of extremism.

David Boswell, Managing Director of TSG Policing, suggests the solution for the greater event model should be multi-agency, so costs can be contained while all parties play to their strengths.

“The Paris incidents showed a horrific disregard for human life and the values we as a nation stand for,” Boswell said. “Letting the public know they are safe at events is the priority now, highlighting the fact that these are not soft targets for terrorists. TSG can play a significant role to that end, alongside traditional security companies, the police and event organisers. Together we can meet the new expectation.”

TSG resources are practiced in responding to major incidents. The company has a counter terrorism element to its training and development courses, which covers the signs and profile of suspected suicide bombers and related matters.

The senior management team that co-ordinates TSG operatives on site are experienced police commanders who have covered Bronze, Silver and Gold positions in their careers. That expertise can offer substantial support to the overall security detail and provide valuable advice in the event of an incident.