Star Events invests £500k in new kit

UK: Star Events has invested £500,000 in new equipment, in a commitment to bring next generation products and initiatives on stream ahead of a busy festival season.

Specifically, the money provide: PA / screen support towers that set new industry standards in minimising both footprint and sightline obstructions, substantial upgrades to the Orbit and VerTech stage ranges, and state-of-the-art health and safety equipment for the Star crews who build structures and the production teams that work on them.

Less visible will be the enterprise and stock management systems that are coming online to improve the accuracy of what Star sends to site and when.

The money will also see the company introduce over 700 new equipment stillages to make its many types of kit fully stackable with each other, improving the speed and safety of handling on and off site.

Andy Moss, Star Events’ Operations Manager, said: “The use of forklifts and telehandlers on outdoor sites continues to be a source of serious accidents, so redesigning stock for safer handling is not only a good idea, it is a legal necessity for us and our clients.”

Star Events