INmusic Festival to present unique homage to Bowie and Tesla

Photo credit: Julien Duval

CROATIA: Zagreb’s INmusic festival is set to build a one of a kind festival stage in tribute to David Bowie and Nikola Tesla, which will be operating within a 100ft tall construction replica of the original Tesla’s Wardenclyffe tower. The Tesla Tower Stage at INmusic festival will be the first of its kind ever built in the world, exactly 99 years after the historic original was torn down in 1917 in Long Island, New York.

Nikola Tesla was born in Croatia in 1856, and throughout his life did loads of cool science stuff. In 2016 the 160th anniversary of Tesla’s birth will be celebrated all over the world and the Tesla Tower Stage at INmusic will celebrate the legacies of both the man who lit the world and the man who sold it. The link between the two cosmically-minded icons was expounded upon by the organisers in the following statement: ‘The unexpected and tragic loss of David Bowie at the start of 2016 was another inspiration to think beyond the limits of what Bowie’s legacy is.

‘Bowie was not just a musician, he was an all-around artist, a creator and a forerunner for the new, the strange and the infinite creative power generating a change in music history. In that respect, a Bowie tribute is a necessary staple of this year’s INmusic festival and the ethereal link shared between Bowie and Tesla transcends the concept of a mere musical tribute.’

Fortuitously, David Bowie portrayed Tesla in Christopher Nolan’s 2006 feature film ‘The Prestige’ and was one of the last movie roles Bowie played.

The 11th edition of INmusic festival will be held from June 20 – June 22 in Zagreb. The line-up includes Florence + The Machine, PJ Harvey, Gutterdämmerung featuring Henry Rollins, Jake Bugg, Skunk Anansie, The Kooks, Wilco, The Coral, Yeasayer, Pennywise and more.