Shambala sells out despite gloomy forecast

UK: Shambala Festival, set to take place from August 25 – 28, has sold out this week – proving that its bold decision to go meat and fish free has not affected ticket sales. The news coincides with research published this week, claiming that one in ten festivals will fold owing to ever-increasing security and infrastructure costs plus competition for ticket sales.

Over its seventeen-year history, Shambala has been tackling the big environmental issues step-by-step, introducing numerous pioneering sustainability initiatives like becoming 100% renewably powered and eliminating all disposable plastics. Going meat and fish free is arguably the most controversial decision to date and yet has received huge support.

Sid Sharma, co-founder of Shambala, said: “Yes it’s a crowded market place but Shambala’s ‘Adventures in Utopia’ are an exploration of a better life, proving we can still party like there’s no tomorrow whilst keeping a positive future firmly in focus and we are grateful to all our supporters for getting behind us.

“We are not pretending to have all the answers or suggesting that everyone should become vegan overnight. But we all agree that significantly cutting down on meat in our diets is a very important part of addressing climate change.”