The YES Group – Promoting Health, Safety and Good Practice at Festivals and Events

Since 2006, the YES Group has organised over 20 Health, Safety and Crowd Management seminars for festival and event staff across Europe in cooperation with a range of global experts and companies. The seminars all focus on the development of professionalisation and the unification of operations at festivals and events to enable all of those involved in the industry to provide and promote safer events. The YES Group also contributes to the European Festivals Conference and the European Festival Awards.

The group led by Henrik Nielsen (Roskilde Festival) and Chris Kemp (Mind Over Matter) ably supported by Gerard von Duykeren (The Security Company), Pascal Viot (Paléo Festival Nyon), Sabine Funk (IBIT), Ralf Zimme (The Esprit Arena) and Andy Metska (OpenAir St. Gallen) who all engage members in and encourage debate on many different areas, focus on the identification of good practice and help to support new ideas through the seminar forum.

The next two seminars take place in the UK and the Netherlands and spread good practice across a wide range of events. Make sure that you book a place now to avoid disappointment.

22nd Health & Safety Seminar (Open Seminar) at Missenden Abbey, Buckinghamshire, UK
Focusing on crisis management, and includes a real time tabletop exercise with experts from across Europe (Click here for more information and to book a place)

23rd Health & Safety Seminar (Yourope Members Only) at Eurosonic Noorderslaag, Groningen, The Netherlands.
Focusing on terrorism and other aspects of incident planning (Click here for more information and to book a place)

The YES Group was formed when Yourope took over the delivery of Health and Safety Seminars from the International Live Music Conference Safety Focus Group (ILMCSFG).

Its history dates back to the Roskilde accident in 2000 when a group was formed to work with festivals across Europe to develop safer events and to try and instigate projects and research which would result in new ideas and innovations in health, safety and crowd management across Europe.

With the YES Group, a focused development of education across Europe was created and through a series of seminars, a European dialogue, network, and way of sharing knowledge has developed and allowed good practice to be communicated.

The YES Group is part of Yourope and as such Yourope members receive discounts for attending the YES Group seminars and discounts for Eurosonic Noorderslag as well as other events.

The YES Group have held panels at many events including Eurosonic Noorderslag, MaMa, the Reeperbahn Festival, the ILMC and others, informing and supporting people in their quest for safer events. The YES Group also support festivals and events by creating lectures, short programmes as well as giving advice and information.

By becoming a member of Yourope, those involved in the Health & Safety of an event or festival can openly discuss their event’s issues in a conducive environment. Through sharing knowledge and experience, those responsible for Health & Safety at events may find resolutions for both simple and complex matters.

The YES group is a collection of like-minded people wishing to share in activities and support each other with staging safe events.

To get the full benefits of these seminars and other services join Yourope. To do this, please contact Christof Huber on