We Are FSTVL launches The 10,000 Hours Foundation in the UK

Photo credit: Paul Underhill // www.paulunderhill.com

UK: After a history of partnering with Europe’s premier dance music brands to support and promote local causes, charity The 10,000 Hours Foundation has announced its first UK campaign in collaboration with We Are FSTVL. The collaborative project is set to establish a homeless kitchen during the week of festival build, staffed by volunteers from the We Are FSTVL fan base.

In partnership with homeless charity Hope 4 Havering and Havering Council, Harold Hill Church will host a charity initiative organised by The 10,000 Hours Foundation that invites down DJs and attendees from We Are FSTVL, involving them in community work. Previously helping to feed the hungry during Amsterdam Dance Event, Seth Troxler and Kölsch were among those who staffed a kitchen serving homeless of their host city. The same is promised of the FSTVL project, plus conservation and more community schemes to follow in summer.

10,000 Hours