Crowd Connected launches enhanced location intelligence platform

UK: Crowd Connected is rolling out a major update to its suite of location intelligence services with the integration of its proprietary audience segmentation and engagement engine.

The Colocator platform now includes a new Engage module which provides geo-behavioural targeting capability. It enables audiences to be segmented based on a person’s activity history, not simply their proximity to a fixed location – allegedly surpassing existing solutions that typically depend on the use of beacons, and / or prior knowledge of an individual’s interests.

Colocator Engage interfaces out of the box with existing third-party push notification message delivery systems such as Urban Airship and Amazon’s SNS or can be easily hooked into proprietary in-app messaging technology via API.

The new module includes an intuitive user interface enabling the curation of message content and the building of multi-layered audience segments.

Crowd Connected’s patented technology captures granular continuous location history of app users on a fully permissioned opt-in basis – doing so without relying on beacons – to deliver a new level of messaging capability and insight.

This enables trigger-based and geo-fenced communications combining both time and location (i.e. activity history), not just proximity – but with none of the limitations of beacon-based services. Colocator offers unique functionality:

Filters can be selected based on visited or never visited, entered or exited, at a time or between times, or at the time the message is sent, with or without minimum dwells – all designed to be simple but infinitely flexible.

Unlimited filters to be combined into segments, using simple logic like AND and OR, but also including the number of times people have visited or the number of or order of visits to different places.

Additional advantages include:

  • Fully granular data stored forever.
  • Lower cost because no site-wide hardware infrastructure required (outdoors), or significantly reduced infrastructure footprint (indoors).
  • Delivers detailed analytics measuring behavioural response to each message.

James Cobb, Founder and CEO of Crowd Connected, commented: “We genuinely believe that Colocator Engage is unrivalled in terms of combining real-time segmentation building, content delivery and reporting.

“We’re delighted by the initial feedback from some of our marquee customers who have been given first access to the new version of Colocator. We’re already seeing some pretty sophisticated message campaigns being successfully delivered – and we are looking forward to this growing as customers become adept at using the new module.”

Alongside the release of the Engage module, each of the other three modules in the Colocator suite – Insight (real-time operations-focused data visualisation via heat maps and dashboards), Tracker (personnel and asset tracking), and Analytics (interactive charting and reporting) – have been overhauled with a redesigned user interface and enhanced functionality.

Cobb added: “In addition to all the real-time benefits, our software enables any event to be replayed and analysed by end of the day via a suite of intuitive tools such as animated heat maps and interactive charts, enabling valuable insight to be extracted rapidly on a self-service basis.

“So there’s no need for our customers to have a whole team of expensive data scientists. Colocator provides the requisite toolset.”

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