ADE attracts a record breaking 395,000 visitors

Photo credit: Tom Doms

NETHERLANDS: The 22nd edition of Amsterdam Dance Event, which took place from October 18 – 22, was attended by a record number of 395,000 visitors. With 7,200 representatives of the worldwide electronic music industry attending the conference and people from over 90 countries enjoying the festival as a whole, ADE has further cemented its position as a leading force in electronic music.

Morocco was under the spotlight in this year’s ADE Global View, highlighting the region’s growing electronic music scene. Morocco occupies a unique cultural position – a nexus between Africa, Europe and the wider Islamic world, with an ancient musical heritage that boasts a deep and rich understanding of dance and repetition. Its modern dance scene is absolutely of the 21st century though, and whether via young Moroccan producers or through the international festivals that take place in its stunning landscapes, its influence grows year-on-year.

This year saw the introduction of pavilions for specific countries, including China, which utilised its space to host lectures, forums and debates focused on its own dance music pedigree. These national pavilions will continue to develop over subsequent editions of ADE, according to organisers.