Arcadia to host 10th anniversary show in London

Photo credit: Chris Cooper

UK: The festival phenomenon Arcadia has announced its biggest standalone event yet, taking place in London from May 5 – 6 to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

The two-day event will see the iconic 50-tonne, fire-breathing spider land in the heart of London, as the Metamorphosis show welcomes dance music heavyweights to perform from the belly of the beast.

Teaming up with London event specialists LWE, Arcadia’s first ever London show is primed to bring its signature fusion of circus, sculpture, engineering, art, dance music and 360 degree animatronics.

Londoners will have the chance to step inside Arcadia’s fully immersive landscape, where 50-foot fireballs ignite, Tesla performers shoot two million volts of lightning from their bodies, huge mechanical limbs spray jets of C02, and a ground-breaking light show brings the arena to life.

Arcadia founders Pip Rush and Bert Cole said: “We can’t wait to bring Arcadia into the capital for the first time. Having toured the globe, we’re really excited to get back onto home soil, and celebrate the best of the past decade.”

Will Harold, Director of LWE, added: “It’s a real honour to be working with the award-winning Arcadia team and welcoming them to London for the very first time. With Arcadia’s 10th anniversary falling on Glastonbury’s fallow year, it’s a momentous occasion and a rare chance to create an incredible event together. All the LWE team are hugely excited to be part of this one off event.”

Built from repurposed military hardware, the iconic Spider was forged in an ethos of transformation, where materials once used for destructive ends were recast into spectacular arenas that unite tens of thousands of people from all walks of life.