Coda Agency and AGF launch Green Artist Rider

UK: In response to growing interest and requests from its artists, Coda Agency has partnered with A Greener Festival to provide a Green Artist Rider.

The Green Artist Rider has been developed to assist artists, and to encourage a stronger collaboration with promoters and venues. Coda’s Alex Hardee launched the initiative at the Green Events & innovations Conference during ILMC, with the aim to align live music events and tours with the urgent need to reduce single-use plastics, source food with low environmental impact, reduce & balance emissions, and to eliminate waste.

The Green Artist Rider is designed to match the needs of artists, whilst pushing for venues and promoters to also reduce waste and instil ethical purchasing choices into their productions, operations and communication.

A Greener Festival co-founder, Claire O’Neill, said: “AGF has regularly seen promoters’ ‘green’ actions stop at the dressing room door. We believe this isn’t always the will of the artist, nor the failure of the promoter, but simply a lack of communication. The work with Coda on the Green Artist Rider serves as a bridge between artists, promoters and venues, and is one part of the puzzle in helping to change old practices into new, better ways.”

The Green Rider is a voluntary opt-in service for Coda artists. Existing riders are being adjusted by participating artists where necessary to ensure they align. Support is available from AGF for promoters and venues who are seeking to implement requirements from the rider if they don’t already do so, or who wish to contribute or develop their own actions to make a greener live music industry.

AGF says this is the beginning of the process, as Coda’s Green Artist Rider spurs the conversation between all involved sectors of the live music industry. The rider is not a one-way communication but a catalyst for a collaborative creative process. The next step is to monitor the progress and impacts of the rider, and to work together with the broader industry to develop these tools, combining knowledge and experience, collectively overcoming obstacles that arise.

The Green Artist Rider is intended to be open source and AGF and Coda welcome all feedback and use of this rider for other agents, artists, and anyone who can find it useful to achieve the purpose of creating a greener live industry.

A Greener Festival
Coda Music Agency