Nordic Wristbands creates new Can You Festival Grant

FINLAND: Nordic Wristbands has launched the Can You Festival grant to supply fledgling European festivals with the company’s access control & accreditation products, aiming to facilitate the rise of new festivals through meaningful financial subsidy.

Jone Nuutinen, Nordic’s founder, stated: “We have been supplying access control products to events all over Europe for over 20 years and to coincide with the launch of our ECO product line, the Can You Festival grant was introduced to focus on the next 20 years and support new players in the sector. Winners will be selected based on innovativeness and eco-awareness, which are both values at the core of our ethos too.

“We feel very privileged to have been part of this vibrant industry for so long and were keen to put something back into the mix.”

Applicants to the grant need to be a registered company or an organisation located in Europe, be no older than four years and host no more than 10,000 daily visitors.

Winners’ grants for 2020 equate to 4000 Euros for wristband purchases and 500 Euros for lanyard, id card and other related products’ purchases from Nordic. The deadline for applications is March 30 and winners will be notified by May 2.

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