Viberate collates list of cancelled and postponed festivals

WORLDWIDE: With festival postponements and cancellations being announced across the world, Slovenia-based music data company Viberate has collated a comprehensive list of Sick Festivals that they are updating daily.

The service monitors around 5,000 festivals worldwide and lets festivalgoers know which ones are cancelled or postponed so that they can plan accordingly. The data is sourced from Viberate’s global database of artists, venues, events, and festivals. Currently, they’ve identified 236 canceled and 250 postponed festivals.

“The damage will go into billions,” said Viberate’s founder and CEO Matej Gregorcic. “The production costs of a mega festival often exceed $100M. Our service monitors around 5,000 festivals and more than 450 have already announced they will cancel or postpone. Festivals that have been cancelled in time probably won’t get hit too badly. Fans, however, will. Mostly emotionally, but if they don’t cancel their travel arrangements in time, it can also hit their wallets. Here’s where we come in with our info on cancelled festivals, updated daily.”

Viberate was founded by the world-famous DJ UMEK and his management. Today, the company employs over 100 people worldwide and aims to become ‘the IMDb of music’.