IMPALA launches website to map COVID-19 support for music sector

Following the publication of its ten point COVID-19 crisis plan last month, IMPALA has now launched a new website offering an overview of action being taken across Europe to address the impact of the pandemic on the music sector. It can be found here: 

“The aim of our mapping is to promote best practices and co-ordination in Europe. We want to see artists and freelance workers preserve their livelihood, and independent music companies stay in business and continue investing,” explained Francesca Trainini, Chair of IMPALA & PMI, Chair of the Task Force.

“The EU and national governments are reacting at different speeds and so is the sector. As well as EU and national measures, our mapping focusses on sector action because it’s a key part of our crisis plan. There are recommendations for digital services, collecting societies as well as national radio and other media.”

The full impact will build for months and will continue long after the health crisis. Investment and other mechanisms to boost recovery post crisis will be essential and will also be mapped.