Bristol Beacon – 7th/8th April 2022

Taking place at Bristol Beacon from from the 7th & 8th April 2022 the NTIA summit is pleased to announce that the Minister for Hospitality (Small Businesses) Paul Scully MP will be taking part in an exclusive 45 mins virtual interview at the event. Minister Scully has consistently worked alongside trade organizations and the industry, discussing key subjects which affect policy decisions and financial support through the Department of Business, Energy, Industry & Strategy.

The Summit will also bring together some of the leading lights in night time economy from around the world, including Michael Rodriguez (NSW 24hr Commissioner), Ariel Palitz (NYC Nightlife Advisor), Mirik Milan (Vibe Lab/ Former Night Czar Amsterdam), Sacha Lord (Greater Manchester Night Time Economy Advisor), Amy Lame (London night Czar), Carly Heath (Bristol Night Time Economy Advisor) and Lutz Leichsenring (Vibe Lab/United We Stream). International counterparts across the world have become a huge part of the global night time economy network and the sharing of best practices and experiences within different countries has helped galvanize the community worldwide. 

The tragedies of Sarah Everard and Sabina Nessa have placed a huge focus on the safety of women at night, alongside the increase in spiking incidents from October 2021 the sector had to re-evaluate its current duty of care strategy.  The industry worked tirelessly with key stakeholders and campaigners to understand the challenges, and the subsequent inquiry by the home affairs committee has seen the start of some fundamental changes. Resident Advisor, NTIA Woman at Night Taskforce, Bristol Nights and Lady of the House will be hosting a range of panels on safe spaces, consumer confidence and empowerment alongside some key training workshops on vulnerability for businesses and operators .

Clara Cullen from Music Venue Trust will be hosting a panel on the importance of grassroots music venues Tristan Hunt from the Association for Electronic Music hosting panel on the economic, cultural and community value of electronic music, both hugely important topics given the impact of this crisis on counter culture and emerging talent.Panelists include Yousef (Circus) Josh Robinson (Hospitality) Maria May (CAA) Silvia Montello.

With the review of Licensing and Planning within the House of Lords and the intimation of imminent review by the Department of Leveling Up there will be some challenging times ahead. The night time economy has been besieged with operational challenges, covid compliance, coupled with consumer, workforce, landlord and investor confidence. As part of the debate on “Agent of Change”, Deregulation, Planning & Licensing easements the Institute of Licensing will host a panel with Sarah Clover (Barrister Specialising in Licensing & Planning) David Lucas (Licensing Solicitor), Steve Alton (Chairperson for British Institute of Innkeepers) & Sylvia Oates (Best Bar None). 

Sustainability will become a huge part of our future and will without a doubt hold the turning point for many given the current cost inflation, particularly around utilities. Claire O’Neill from A Greener Festival alongside many others across the sector have been doing some amazing work on sustainability and will be hosting a panel on changing attitudes to the environment, customer behaviours and achieving net zero within the night time economy.

Says NTIA CEO Michael Kill
“At this point we felt it vitally important that we benchmark this moment with a summit, where our community can come together, some to meet for the first time outside of there virtual realm, an opportunity for operators, regulators, creators, entrepreneurs to come together and share, learn and build a stronger, more resilient industry for the future.”

“Our focus over the coming months is about generating positive messaging to enhance consumer confidence with a clear focus on recovery. The budget on the 23rd March will set the tone, and will be the fundamental basis for future planning across the sector, so must include extensions to key reliefs around VAT & Business Rates to allow businesses to bounce back from the pandemic.”

The two day event will include over 100 speakers with panels and workshops featuring innovators and entrepreneurs from across the sector.

Speakers & Panelists include; Sacha Lord (Night Time Economy Advisor Greater Manchester), Jenni Cochrane (Getahead) Simon Dunmore (CEO Defected),  David Lucas (IOL), Ojay Mcdonald (ATCM) Sylvia Oates (Best Bar None) Yousef (Circus Records), Philip Kolvin QC, Clara Cullen (Music Venue Trust) Mike Grieve (Sub Club), Carly Heath (Night Time Economy Advisor Bristol) Michael Kill CEO (NTIA) Steve Braines (He.She.They) Brandon Block (DJ) Rob Masterson (Mustard Media) Maria May (CAA) Katy Ellis (Anglo Management) Peter Marks CEO (Rekom) Clare O’Neill (Greener Festivals) Steve Alton (BII) Ariel Palitz (NYC Nightlife Advisor) Michael Rodriguez (24hr Commissioner NSW) Lutz Leichsenring (Vibe Lab) Julie Tippins (DHP Family).Ben Akers (WeTakeClub) Silvana Kill (Savenightlife) Ciara (Free the Night) Brandon Block (DJ) Jamie Scahill (Skiddle) Tom Paine (Love Saves the Day) Ben Newby (MJR TEG) Tony Holyland (SIA) Eric Stuart (UKCMA) Deborah Hewitt (ASTS) Peter Harrison (UKDSA) Yuri Prokter (DJ Monitor), Lisa Loud (DJ) Mark Harrop (DHSC) Ian Haworth (Hippodrome Casino) Sam Spencer (Broadwick Live), Josh Robinson (Hospitality) Nikki McNeill (Global Publicity) Steve Alton (BII) Lucia Blayke (Harpies) Steve Braines (He.She.They) Samantha Togni (Flesh Fest) Liam John (Bitch Please) Allison Golden Wright (BUSU), Professor Fiona Measham (The Loop) Steve Rolles (Transform) Chloe Sakal (The Loop) Clara Cullen (MVT), John Dovey (BR / Bath R&D) Gary Topp (Arnolfini) Marti Burgess (Lakota).

In conjunction with Business Keeps on Dancing the event will also be hosting spotlight interviews with Philip Kolvin QC (Licensing Barrister) Mikey Dread (Channel One Sound System) Gok Kwan (DJ & Fashion) Graeme Park (DJ / Hacienda) Figen Murray (Martyns Law/Protect Duty Campaigner) Yousef (Circus / First Dance) Simon Dunmore (Defected).

More speakers and panel topics will be announced soon. 

More info here: https://nighttimeeconomysummit.com