Music Europe Day Returns For 3rd Edition

Music Europe Day is back for its 3rd edition on 9th May 2022, featuring 15 up and coming artists from 15 European countries.  Powered by Europavox the unique event will include live performances in special cultural places all over Europe plus intimate interviews from the artists. The full lineup includes: Claire Laffut (BE) – Denise Chaila (IE) – Emma Peters (FR) – FO SHO (UA) – freekind. (SL) – good job nicky (GR) – Joan Thiele (IT) – Mafalda (ES) – OSKA (AT) – Plàsi (SE) – Porto Morto (HR) – Thom Artway (CZ) – Wet Bed Gang (PT) – WizTheMc (DE) – ZIMBRU (RO)

All styles of music are welcome at Music Europe Day and music fans can enjoy discovering all these artists performing at some of the most amazing, unique and special places all around Europe. From the magic of an intimate performance in an art gallery, to the most spectacular views of Lisbon or discover an intimate show on a rooftop of a cinema, there is so much to see and discover. 

Music Europe Day was first conceived as a great journey between countries and songs and is an event dedicated to music itself and musicians from different European countries, as part of Europe Day, which is held every year to honour peace and unity in the continent. 

The date marks the anniversary of the historic Schuman declaration, that is considered to be the beginning of what is now the European Union. It is also an occasion to showcase the common values and the strength that comes from diversity, solidarity and unity.  Music always has and always will be a medium of conversation and connection among our distinct cultures and civilizations. This is the reason that Music Europe Day is a true celebration that brings people together, offering them a chance to enjoy a huge range of musical styles, from hip hop, to folk, to electro, as well as talks with artists who will present their work to a diverse, multilingual and multicultural audience. Music always finds a way to inspire us.

How to watch the performances
The event will be widely broadcast on social media, as well as the pages of the European Commission Representation and the European Parliament Liaison Office in France. Watch via Europavox’s Facebook page here: