NTIA Appoints Sacha Lord as Chair of the Board of Directors

The NTIA Board recently unanimously appointed Sacha Lord, Night Time Economy Advisor for Greater Manchester and Co-Founder of Parklife and The Warehouse Project, as Chair of the Board of Directors.

Sacha has worked hand in hand with the NTIA and stakeholders across the UK over the last two years, and has established himself as one of the stand out voices within the sector. This appointment will add considerable weight to the Board, in the drive to raise awareness of the importance of the night time industry to the UK economy.

Over the last three years, the trade association has become a leading trade body for the night time sector, in the fight to gain representation and support for businesses throughout the pandemic, but recognises the immense journey it faces to fully recover as a diverse industry, and the growing role the organisation must play within that. 

Sacha Lord, Night Time Economy Advisor for Greater Manchester, and Co-Founder of Parklife and The Warehouse Project, said,
“The Night Time Industries Association is a critical player in the sector, and has been a key voice in representing operators, not just in London but nationally across the UK.”

“I am honoured to be joining as Chair at this pivotal time in the sector’s recovery. There is still so much work to be done to help operators through these difficult times, and I wholly support the NTIA in their efforts to create better working practices for those in the industry, achieve greater funding for businesses nationwide, and develop vital initiatives to ensure everyone working within, or using the night time economy, gets home safely.”

Michael Kill, CEO NTIA Says
“I have been lucky enough to have worked very closely with Sacha over the last three years, and alongside welcoming him as the Chair of the Board of Directors at The Night Time Industries Association, would like to personally thank him on behalf of the industry for his exceptional work and support during the crisis.”

“As a leading figurehead within our industry, we are looking forward to harnessing his passion and drive in establishing a stronger voice for the sector, adding another dimension to the public and political agenda to drive home positive change, and support an extremely ambitious strategy for the sector in the future. The unanimous appointment by the Board is testament to the tireless work that he has put into representing this industry.”