LIVE Lobbying Delivers EU Tour Trucking Temporary Solution

Pic: Rocco Dioppa @Unsplash

The UK’s live music industry can get back to touring this summer thanks to new Government rules lobbied for by LIVE, which come into force today.

One of the major post-Brexit hurdles for EU touring has been the 3 stop limit for UK registered trucks in the EU, with the same limit imposed here for EU registered trucks. Major UK trucking firms have invested significant sums in opening EU based subsidiaries in an attempt to get over the problem, many subsequently found difficulties in having the right trucks with the right registration in the right place at the right time.

The new UK rules allow UK hauliers working on music concerts, sporting and cultural events, and who have a branch in Europe, to benefit from unlimited stops on both sides of the channel.

John Collins, CEO of LIVE said: “Although we are delighted with today’s change, which comes off the back of many months of negotiations with Government, this does not help the whole industry and issues with visas and costly red tape remain. We will continue to work with Government to negotiate an EU-wide cultural exemption to ensure UK artists and crews have the access they need, and music fans across Europe get to see their UK favourites perform.”

Although the change is welcome, it only really helps the largest operators who have the resources to set up a European base, re-qualify their drivers, and split their fleets between the UK and EU so, amongst seeking other measure, LIVE will still like to see an EU-wide cultural exemption, allowing the unfettered movement of specialist vehicles transporting concert equipment and personnel between multiple points.