Seatlab Sounds to Showcase NFT Ticketing With University Tour.

SeatlabNFT, an event ticketing platform that aims to completely redefine the events industry, has announced its latest venture to showcase the capabilities of NFT ticketing to fans.

Seatlab Sounds will see the NFT ticketing provider host seven different events across the UK, just as the new academic year kicks off, with headliners Clean Bandit, Hardy Caprio, R3WIRE, LF System, Shane Codd and Karen Harding touring UK campuses for a huge freshers event series.

Each event will feature unique NFT collectables for fans attending as a demonstration of some of their platform’s revolutionary features. Tickets will be available to buy via the SeatlabNFT app, with fans also able to enter a lottery that could see them win free tickets. The Seatlab Sounds Uni tour comes straight off the back of a successful collaboration with Lost Village festival, where SeatlabNFT pioneered an NFT membership card experience in one of the first uses of the technology at a UK festival.

In spite of the recent crypto market downturn, Web3 continues to make inroads into the way we interact with technology, with NFTs being seen more frequently in several industries, particularly the entertainment sector and live events. As the NFT profile picture (PFP) craze dies down, the utility that blockchain technology and NFTs bring with them is being more closely examined.

Ticketing is one of the industries that Web3 technology could genuinely revolutionise. With fraud and scalping still rife for popular live events, blockchain brings fraud-proof technology in a format that also drastically reduces the impact of scalping. However, using blockchain technology for ticketing also brings with it the opportunity to change and enhance the event experience for fans.

The Seatlab Sounds Uni tour will introduce the next generation of live event attendees to the next generation of event ticketing at an ideal time as the industry rebounds from pandemic-hit years. Speaking about the tour, SeatlabNFT CEO Ryan Kenny said “We’ve operated in live events for over a decade and have seen first-hand the problems that exist in the industry. We know there’s a huge amount of dissatisfaction from fans on all sides about how event ticketing currently works, and this is a great opportunity for us to show people that it’s possible to have an event ticketing platform that actually enhances the event experience, rather than being just another money maker.”