Skateboard GB Partners with Skiddle for Virtual Skateboarding Championship

Pic: Tiagro Pedro @ Unsplash

Skiddle has shown its support for Skateboard GB, the NGB which supports skateboarders to reach the Olympic Games, as it announces that they will be co-hosting Skateboard GB x Skiddle Virtual Skate Championship.

The groundbreaking event will enable entries without barriers based on location, gender or wealth that may normally stop skilled Skateboarders from competing in a traditional Skating Tournament.

Skateboard GB, the organisers of the event, hope that the championship drives more people to compete in skateboarding, as searches for the sport grew to the highest ever level last year, with searches for skateboard lessons increasing by 25% after the last Olympics.

While the number of people skateboarding is increasing year on year, and the number of females skating has increased by over 20% in the last year, by opening the competition up online, the hope is that more people from around the UK will feel comfortable putting themselves forward to compete in the still male-dominated sport.

Skaters from across the country will film themselves doing a 45-second line (showing off their tricks in a single run) for a chance to win cash prizes and skate shop vouchers. The ultimate incentive to keep skaters skating.

Both platforms have a shared passion for advocating for grassroots talent, inclusivity and offering up new opportunities to those who may otherwise not have them. The partnership aims to create an ongoing relationship between Skiddle and Skateboard GB going forward, and potential future events to support these causes.

Lisa Braithwaite, Senior Marketing Manager at Skiddle said, “We are thrilled to be working with Skateboard GB on the Virtual Championships 2022. We look forward to seeing entries from all over the country, discovering new talent and supporting grassroots skateboarding.”

Neil Ellis, Head of Engagement at Skateboard GB said, “We are excited to partner with Skiddle on this event. The Virtual Championships will give skateboarders from across the country an opportunity to compete on a national level and showcase the amazing skateboard talent we have here in the UK”.

Skiddle’s dedication to supporting new opportunities for disenfranchised youth is clear, when looking at their other projects; most recently partnering with Young Urban Art Foundation (YUAF), to support young people in the London community. Their aim: to empower marginalised creatives in hard-to-reach areas, such as those where young people are at high-risk of child exploitation, being a victim of crime, or simply do not have access to opportunities.

The new partnership aims to create greater exposure for Skiddle – generating a larger audience and greater demand for sporting events. Skiddle has already experienced a massive growth in business this year, allowing for an expansion on the events that they have been able to promote – seeing an 183% increase in growth this year and almost doubling its team of staff, going from 39 employees at the start of 2022 to 71 employees to date. Due to this team expansion, Skiddle have opened their doors to more events, now having worked with over 60,000 promoters, expanding their roster to more sporting and foodie events