ESNS Completes 2023 Line-up With 52 More Artists

Katie Gregson-Macleod, one of Scotland's Acts at ESNS.

ESNS (Eurosonic Noorderslag), the key exchange for emerging European music talent, adds another 52 artists to its programme, including Blanks (nl), Brimheim (dk), Caleb Kunle (ie) Daria Kolomiec (ua), Katie Gregson-Macleod (uk-sco), and Merol (nl), completing its line-up for ESNS 2023. Among these names are eleven Hit the North acts and five acts highlighted by NPO Radio 2 Soul & Jazz.

ESNS will take place from 18 to 21 January 2023 in Groningen, the Netherlands. The festival has proven essential in breaking new European acts into live music scenes throughout Europe and beyond. With a line-up of 290 emerging European artists, ESNS23 is the place to discover new breakthrough acts before they make it big.

33 acts added to the Eurosonic line-up:

Andrei Irimia (ro), Ash Olsen (no), averagekidluke (fi/YleX), Benwal (nl / Hit the North), Blanks (nl), Brimheim (fo/dk/DR/P6), Caleb Kunle (ie), Chagall (nl), Clara! (be), Cloudsurfers (nl), Daria Kolomiec (ua), Dylamic (nl / Hit the North), Eloi (fr), Fred Goverde (nl / Hit the North), Hannes (se), Heartworms (uk-eng), Historian (nl / Hit the North), Holly (pt), Intercity 106 (nl), Johnny loves me (nl / Hit the North), Katie Gregson-Macleod (uk-sco), Merol (nl), Metteson (no), Moonloops (nl / Hit the North), renceau (nl / Hit the North), Seb Zukini (nl / Hit the North), Skaar (no), Steeby & the Better Days (nl / Hit the North), Stockdale (de), Toupaz (at), Traversus (nl / Hit the North), Verity (nl / Hit the North), Weval (nl), and Zohar (nl).

Hit the North 2023;
Hit the North is a unique collaboration between festivals and cultural institutions from the north of the Netherlands. Hit the North is established to stimulate professional talent development in the provinces Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe. Northern pop culture is unique, but artists often experience many difficulties that hold them back from breaking through. Eleven acts were part of this year’s Hit the North programme and will play at ESNS23 in January. These eleven acts are; Benwal, Dylamic, Fred Goverde, Historian, Johnny loves me, Moonloops, renceau, Seb Zukini, Steeby & the Better Days, Traversus, and Verity.

Nineteen acts added to Noorderslag line-up:

Amina, Brintex Collective, Bumble B. Boy, Cavolo Nero, Claude, De Toegift, Dopebwoy, Elijah Waters, Ginge, Ir Sais, Joost Van Bellen & St. Paul Present: Love Is All, Kleine John & Chavanté, Mariposa, Nobu, ParHasard, Peter Somuah Group, SIM—OJ, Wodan Boys, and Zoë Tauran

NPO Radio 2 Soul & Jazz stage at Noorderslag;
At Noorderslag, NPO Radio 2 Soul & Jazz will highlight their favourite upcoming artists of the Netherlands. This year the radio station will shine its spotlight on Brintex Collective, ParHasard, Peter Somuah Group, Ginge, and Cavolo Nero.

ESNS previously confirmed 239 artists for the showcase festival. Find all 290 confirmed acts here.