AGF Reveal The World’s Greenest Festivals

AGF (A Greener Festival) has revealed the 43 festivals and events from 13 countries that achieved the AGF Certification for sustainability in 2022.

AGF Certification is the world’s first and most comprehensive standard for sustainability in the live events sector, for festivals and events reducing waste, emissions and enhancing equality and biodiversity.

Successfully certified events in 2022 include Green Gathering (UK), Strawberry Fields (AU), Das Fest (DE), DGTL (NL), Robin Hood Annual Benefit (USA), Platinum Jubilee Pageant (UK), We Love Green (FR) and Primavera Sound (ES).

Ceremonies will take place at ESNS in Groningen, Netherlands on 19th January, and at the Green Events & Innovations (GEI15) conference on 28th February, London.  GEI will host the AGF International Awards where the very best certified events across a range of green categories will be crowned.

AGF CEO Claire O’Neill said:

“After the challenges of Covid and economic instability, we’re so happy that the festival and event sector increasingly fix sustainability at the top of the agenda. Our need to move away from fossil fuels, industrial animal agriculture, and towards clean energy and mobility, enhanced biodiversity and diversity has never been more stark. We congratulate those who are taking responsibility and action, and stress there is much work still to be done.”

Commenting on the initiatives that led to their award Ricardo Alves of Boom Festival said:
“We are always working towards improving our sustainability and environmental impact. We defined five goals for the 2020/22 edition and we are really happy to have accomplished them fully, with projects including a new wastewater treatment plant, an increased number of eco-toilets, Improved recycling, more plant-based food options and planting native species of trees, shrubs and other plants. Doing Boom is contributing to raising awareness globally, which is why we continue to develop dozens of environmental and social projects and we are proud to be recognised for our activities.”
With many festivals spreading the sustainability ethos os well as striving for excellence, recognition is appreciated, according to Marianne Hocquard of We Love Green:
“Sustainability has been at the heart of WE LOVE GREEN’s production and contents since the beginning. We are pleased that our innovations and advances are followed and recognized by international institutions. They require moving the lines, rules, standards, habits, and all the festival teams are involved in this daily work.

Of course, not the route to sustainability improvements as not always clear, as Louise Coles fro Creative Youth explains:

“Not knowing where to begin, AGF has now provided Creative Youth with the guidance, support and tools we need to track and improve our environmental footprint. Their work, and continued involvement, will ensure we become a responsible role model to all the young artists/companies we support through our Festival, creative space and other programmes.”