LIVE Unveils Partners for LIVE Talks

AEG, Kilimanjaro Live,  Live Nation, Serious and SJM demonstrate their commitment to the progression of the live music industry by becoming LIVE Talks Committed Partners.

Born out of the umbrella organisation LIVE (Live music Industry Venues and Entertainment), LIVE Talks is a series of free online workshops and talks which focus on equality, diversity, inclusion, sustainability and wellbeing. The programme’s aim is to make the UK live music industry a more inclusive, enlightened and positive place in which to work.

Since then, LIVE Talks has hosted a number of progressive organisations that have delivered insightful sessions on subjects such as misogyny & sexual harassment in the music industry, managing stress and resilience on tour, addiction & supporting recovery and Trans education & inclusion in the music industry. Future talks will cover mental health first aid, LGBTQIA+ allyship, the language of sustainability, gender equality across event programming, self-care peer support for backstage workers post-festival season, parents and carers in the music industry, and more.

All sessions have so far been free to access, something LIVE aims to continue thanks to the support of its committed partners. LIVE’s Head of Partnerships and the LIVE Talks programme lead, Gaby Cartwright, says “We are thrilled to see the industry coming together to support this key initiative which brings much needed focus and expert insight to often complex and challenging subjects. We truly believe at LIVE that if we support our people and give them access to the best in class tools and information, our industry will be a better place to work for all in the future”.

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