Bluedot Weather Planning Keeps the Show Going

Bluedot's Star Attraction, The Lovell Telescope. Pic: George Harrison

While a simple kiss can halt a festival set in Malaysia, mere persistent rain without precedent didn’t beat Bluedot’s wet weather planning. 1.5kms of extra trackway, 130 tonnes of sustainably sourced wood chip (very comfortable underfoot at the Orbit stage) and multiple tankers pumping out standing water kept the site manageable.

Unfortunately, Sunday ticketholders were unable to attend due to flooding in the day-ticket car park and drop-off points. A statement from Bluedot said that refund information would be available within 48 hours.

The statement went on to say:

““We have done everything within our power to accommodate people planning to come to Bluedot on Sunday. The Bluedot vision is born of the love of sharing extraordinary moments of wonder exploration and celebration with a strong community and we were proud to be welcoming you today to something we are very dear to our hearts. We are very sad we cannot share this with people who are due to arrive today. Thank you for understanding.”

Chapeau, team Bluedot.