Evolution Dome Cuts Power consumption by 45% With Fan Innovation

As part of its ongoing sustainability developments, Evolution Dome has invested in a new fan system which has resulted in a significant reduction in the power consumption of its inflatable structures.

Ashley Austin, director of Evolution Dome, explained, “The new model promises to unite the straight airflow and ease of installation of axial fans with the high-pressure stability and power efficiency of radial fans. We are already seeing a 45% reduction in the power consumption of our structures as a result.”

Since the introduction of the new fan systems back in February 2023, Evolution Dome has invested in 80 new units.

Austin adds, “The new fans have been a positive step for us. In addition to the power reduction, our recent research into the acoustic characteristics of our inflatable structures has shown promising results. These fans were included in our most recent whitepaper, where we were able to demonstrate significant reductions in noise levels too.”

The introduction of the new fan systems is part of Evolution Dome’s commitment to reach net zero by 2030, including its £30k investment in solar and storage capabilities in March 2023.

“We’re always exploring new ways to reduce our environmental impact and provide sustainable solutions for our clients. By starting the process internally, we aim to take some of the pressure from our clients when trying to reduce their own carbon footprint.” Austin concluded.