Roger Sanchez and Nic Fanciulli to headline Ibiza Global Festival 2023

With this year’s Ibiza Global Festival a few weeks away, the team behind the electronic music showcase has revealed the full line-up for the annual experience.

Internationally renowned DJs Roger Sanchez and Nic Fanciulli will be headlining with an extensive roster of global talent across Day 1 and Day 2 respectively at the island’s free party set on the the shores of San Antonio’s S’Arenal beach. Taking place on August 11th and 12th, over 20,000 expected festival goers will be treated to a packed programme of international and island favourite DJs performing from 5pm until 1am each day.

The event will be admission-free and bring a wide array of international and local artists together and, of course, Ibiza Global’s very own resident DJs to a massive stage overlooking the beach and the vibrant Balearic Sea. Taking place across the weekend, the key message of the event is to promote an eco-conscious lifestyle with the support of leading DJs and performers from the global electronic music scene.

Ibiza Global Radio CEO Daniele Luppino says, “Last year we took on the challenge to bring a free two-day electronic music festival to Ibiza for the first time, and we were immensely proud to see how well it was received by the island. With 15,000 electronic music lovers dancing on San Antonio’s largest beach on each day, we set the bar high for this season – but I have every faith that we can deliver and exceed expectations, again.”

The Ibiza Global Festival will be more than just a celebration of electronic music. This year, the festival proudly announces its renewed commitment to sustainability and the environment, introducing a series of eco-friendly initiatives to further preserve the island’s natural beauty and encourage positive action against pollution.

The team from Amistat Island Hostels will once again supply a team of eco-conscious volunteers to keep S’Arenal beach clean throughout the two-day event. Alongside an exciting new partnership for 2023, eco-friendly water brand Soul Water is set to keep revellers well hydrated with their naturally sourced mineral water, which is recognised with distinctive, eternally recyclable cans.

Initiatives include:

Beach Cleaning Volunteers: The Ibiza Global Festival will engage a dedicated team of beach cleaning volunteers. These environmental heroes will strive to keep the island’s beaches free from waste, raising awareness amongst the public sharing the importance of preserving our marine environment.

Goodbye to Single-Use Plastic: The “Zero Cups and Plastic Bottles, Zero Straws” initiative aims to completely eliminate the use of single-use plastic during the event. Biodegradable and compostable materials will be introduced for cups and utensils, significantly reducing the impact of plastic waste on the island.

Dancers for the Environment: Participants will have the opportunity to actively join the fight against pollution while dancing. Volunteers equipped with special backpacks will collect plastic waste found during the festival, demonstrating that passion for music can co-exist with a commitment towards environmental care.

Environmental Awareness: From Monday 8th leading up to the festival, Ibiza Global Radio will be interviewing DJs from Bye Bye Plastic about sustainability within the music industry.

The Ibiza Global Festival 2023 is determined to execute on its sustainability targets by actively calculating the event’s environmental impact. This calculation will include the festival’s energy consumption, water usage and CO2 emissions. Based on this assessment, the festival will tally up its ecological debt. To balance the ecological ledger, an equivalent number of trees will be planted in an area of Ibiza that was affected by a major fire last year. Aiming to rejuvenate the natural balance.

With this comprehensive approach to sustainability, the Ibiza Global Festival aims to set an example for other events worldwide and inspire positive environmental action across the broader music industry. Although the festival is not entirely plastic free, the Ibiza Global team are working towards this goal with a long term strategy and have actively partnered with Bye Bye Plastic, a foundation dedicated to removing single-use plastics in the music industry to ensure correct steps are taken. This is another positive move towards making the festival as sustainable as possible, whilst also sharing a consistent message of eco-consciousness and sustainability with pride.

Ibiza Global Festival’s main partner and hospitality expert, O Beach Ibiza, will be managing the bars on the event site. With a dedicated street food area serving food from a variety of vendors to keep revellers energised for the full 14-hour dance marathon. The weekend promises a selection of artists that ranges across House, Deep House, Tech House and Techno genres, as well as encompassing an array of amazing live acts. Previous sponsor MDLBEAST Records, a trailblazing platform championing culture, creative expression and electronic music in the Middle East returns to bring Saudi Arabia’s emerging talent to the White Isle.