Jazz, Electronica and Dance Punks? That’ll be Tremor 2024

The multidimensional Faizal Mostrixx by Fabienne Guilbert Burgoa

Tremor’s 2024 lineup continues to evolve, promising a captivating 11th edition of this Azorean creative adventure. Eight remarkable artists, joining the previously announced Cole Pulice, Colleen, Glockenwise, Estrela, Jards Macalé, Prison Affair, and Romperayo, bring an array of sounds and styles, ensuring a diverse and dynamic musical celebration.

The acclaimed saxophonist and bandleader Idris Ackamoor has re-emerged with Afro Futuristic Dreams. This epic and sprawling work takes us on a musical odyssey through the future, past, and the urgent realities of the present. Performing alongside the superband The Pyramids, his intergalactic journey expands the boundaries of jazz through an afro-futuristic lens and avant-garde experimentation. Expect a performance that will undoubtedly leave a lasting mark on next year’s festival.

Faizal Mostrixx is a visionary grandmaster of many art forms—storyteller, afro-futurist avant-garde music producer, DJ, urban dancer, choreographer, and experimental visual artist. He advances bold tales of Africa through a countercultural prism, making him one of electronica’s most exciting ambassadors for a continent in motion. A pioneer of tribal electronics, his latest album, Mutations, reflects his unique style influenced by diverse elements, including Ugandan heritage, South and East African polyrhythms, modern dancefloor styles, and pan-African field recordings.

Brooklyn-based Deli Girls bring an emotionally charged, bombastic dance-punk project led by vocalist Danny Orlowski. Known for their relentless energy, they’ve carved a unique path in the invigorating realms of punk. At Tremor, Danny Orlowski collaborates with DJ/producer Hatechild, promising a show filled with hardcore dance mosh pits and unforgivingly anti-establishment, queer freak values. Expect an unpredictable and sweaty experience.

Hailing from Philadelphia, Poison Ruïn delves into the midnight of contemporary life with their bombastic dance-punk. Their latest release, Harvest, embodies a godless, medieval-inflected aesthetic, offering a record that strikes with darkened harmony. Their music portrays our complex and multi-faceted reality, providing glimpses of an open horizon amidst the electronic and synth textures.

Once again Tremor embraces the unexpected with an exciting encounter between Junko Ueda, a prominent figure in Japanese medieval epic storytelling, and the organic madness of the monstrous PoiL, who craft cosmic rock without a safety net. This collaboration leads to a compelling narrative that revisits the story of Yoshitsune, promising an empowering and thrilling discovery.

Composed by the duo Roberto Afonso and Patrícia Relvas, Lavoisier has established their presence in Portuguese music. Their journey began with a collection of works developed by Michel Giacometti and Fernando Lopes-Graça, exploring the rich tapestry of Portuguese folk heritage. They approach Portuguese folk songs with resourcefulness and simplicity, transforming folklore into a platform for innovative dialogues.
For PS Lucas, a Portuguese electronic musician, composer, and producer, his Tremor performance marks a return to his Azorean roots. His creative odyssey has encompassed experimental forays into Azorean folklore and collaborations with the Portuguese group Medeiros. His forthcoming LP, Villains & Chieftains, delves into the social dimensions of urban life. While still influenced by jazz, the album ventures into new musical realms, embracing the essence of classic pop.

Last but certainly not least, Marie Davidson, a Canadian electronic music performer, DJ, singer, and songwriter, brings her over-a-decade-long experience to the stage. Born in Montreal, Davidson is celebrated for her distinctive vocal delivery and expansive sonic palette. Her performances are characterised by the fusion of robust percussion, evocative synth melodies, and sharp lyrical themes.

As Tremor’s 2024 lineup continues to evolve, it promises an unforgettable experience featuring a diverse array of exceptional artists who will captivate your senses and emotions. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in this dynamic musical celebration in the Azores in March 2024.

Tremor festival returns to San Miguel island 19th – 23rd March 2024.