Tallin Music Week to Feature 165 Artists from 35 Countries

Tallin Music Week (TMW) is set to take place 4th – 6th April, transforming the vibrant venues of North Tallinn into a melting pot of musical diversity. From the eclectic Telliskivi Creative City to the new districts of Noblessner, Kalamaja, and Kopli, the festival promises an unforgettable experience celebrating the universal language of music. Boasting a stellar lineup of 165 artists hailing from 35 countries across Europe, North and South America, East Asia, Africa, Australia, and Oceania, TMW 2024 stands as a testament to the festival’s commitment to global representation. With 70 acts proudly representing Estonia, the festival also showcases talents from Finland, Canada, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Latvia, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, and beyond.

Notable international names include an indie-soul artist Beharie, dubbed “the Frank Ocean of Norway”; an award-winning artist and activist Madame Gandhi, the former drummer for M.I.A  listed among BBC 100 Women; Canadian soul star Tanika Charles; and rising Finnish pop artist Miss Molly, as well as seven artists who performed at Europe’s biggest showcase festival ESNS, among them Dutch post-punk sensation Tramhaus and French electro-rock duo UTO.

TMW takes pride in showcasing Estonia’s rich musical landscape, with 70 domestic artists taking centre stage. Renowned favourites such as Mari Kalkun, Duo Ruut, NOËP, Rita Ray, Trad.Attack!, and Bedless Bones will share the limelight with emerging talent like alt-R&B artist maria kallastu and punk innovator Kalli Talompoika. Estonian Choral Association will present Pille-Riin Langeproon’s and Karl Tipp’s concert ”Ode to the Sunset” performed by the chamber choir Avis Animi, and Estonian Jazz Union will celebrate its 20th anniversary, showcasing acclaimed vocal jazz star Kadri Voorand and R&B newcomer Reti Niimann in its lineup.

The global classical and art music network Classical:NEXT joins the TMW curators, showcasing a programme that includes young Estonian composer Madli Marje Gildemann’s composition “Osmosis” performed by a recently formed ensemble Ludens. Celebrating its new phase at TMW 2024, the global gender equality network Keychange will introduce a selection of artists from its roster, among them Estonian electronic dream pop duo Vera Vice and Italian-Nigerian singer-songwriter Anna Bassy. European capital of culture Oulu2026 will feature their favourites from the vast Finnish talent pool, including the critically acclaimed avant-rockers Musta Huone, while their compatriots, dark music festival Blowup, will join forces with the Estonian agency Damn.Loud.

Making their TMW debut, nomadic platform Yugofuturism will showcase game-changing European acts, including Tramhaus from the Netherlands and Lufthansa from North Macedonia. NERDS, aka North European Resonance and Dissonance Society, will introduce talent selections by the most adventurous music festivals from the Baltic and Nordic region, whilst Vilnius’ Opium Club will celebrate their 15th birthday at Club HALL with the most influential Lithuanian DJ-s Manfredas and V.

Working in collaboration with JV-Promotion, TMW 2024 promises a transcendent musical odyssey weaving through the captivating sounds of East Asian countries Taiwan and South Korea. Canadian talent will be presented by The Women in Music Canada and Mundial Montreal whereas the Fenno-Ugrian night will offer an opportunity to explore the charm of the Fenno-Ugrian musical heritage. Meanwhile, the Africa NOW! showcase will illuminate the stage, casting a vibrant spotlight on the evolving diversity emanating from Africa and its diaspora, transcending the boundaries of roots music. For aficionados of the slickest sounds from the new glocal generation, the Soda POP night will be a mesmerising showcase, offering an immersive experience into the forefront of contemporary music trends.

TMW 2024 music festival curators also include Viljandi Folk Music Festival, Võnge Festival, Intsikurmu Festival, Üle Heli and Station Narva; Estonian Funk Embassy, Estonian Heavy Music Association and the Estonian Association for Electroacoustic Composers, folktronica group OOPUS as well as acclaimed venues Uus Laine and Club HALL, with the latter introducing the new club culture festival UNDA at TMW24.