Electric Cat Launches Neon Lounge Podcast

Specialist B2B agency, Electric Cat Productions, announces the launch of a brand new industry podcast gathering some of the most influential names in the game, hosted by dynamic duo Cat Kevern (Director of Electric Cat Productions) and Eloise Newing (Assistant Director).

The podcast covers everything from co-founding a company with your old boss, to snow making and even sitting on Grace Jones’ lap backstage getting your head rubbed… in amongst the madness you’ll also get some great take-aways, no matter where you are in your career. In each episode, Cat and Eloise investigate the nuances and niches of each guest’s expertise, uncovering their secrets to success. Amongst the impressive roster of guests are Adam Parry, Co-Founder at Event Industry News & AMP Events, Harriet Grace, Director at Accept Management, Julia Benfield, Founder & Director at Sneaky Experience and many more to be announced soon.

Cat and Eloise infuse their trademark laid-back and chatty tone, injecting colour into what can sometimes be a black-and-white landscape of industry discussions. “At Electric Cat, we stay as far as we possibly can from boring,” says Cat Kevern “we’re so excited to share our valuable discussions and insights about the industry we love so much, shining the spotlight on our incredible guests. We’re just doing it in a way that feels authentic to us, with a little humour and lots of personality”.

Listeners can find episodes of “The Neon Lounge” on Spotify and Apple Music. Subscribe today to stay up to date, new episodes dropping very shortly!

The team thanks everyone involved in bringing this project to life, with a special mention to the guests of honour. Learn more and apply to be a guest by visiting the Electric Cat website.