Skiddle’s AIF Friendship Begins

John Rostron, always open to new friendships. Pic: Jody Hartley

Skiddle, the independent ticketing company, has linked up with the Association of Independent Festivals (AIF), becoming a member of the not-for-profit trade body’s ‘Friends of AIF’ programme.

Skiddle deliver  premium ticketing solutions to some of Britain’s biggest festival brands, the likes of Creamfields, Terminal V and Parklife Festival, whilst also aiding boutique and new festival ventures to successfully achieve their own unique growth objectives.

In 2023, Skiddle itself achieved significant success, expanding across various sectors with
particular prominence in the festival market. Offering various avenues of support to festival
organisers, covering everything from customer service and marketing to on-site tech assistance and financing, the platform was able to attract and sign an array of new festival
accounts over the year

Noting one of the platform’s many milestone achievements in 2023, Skiddle now states that it proudly supports over 300 independent festivals in its client roster, making it the perfect partner for the UK’s leading festival representative body.

A trade organisation dedicated to advocating for the UK’s many outstanding independent
music festivals, the Association of Independent Festivals’ primary objective is to support the businesses of their esteemed members. Addressing the unique needs of the sector to foster a thriving and sustainable environment for all, the AIF’s presence ensures the continued success of independent festivals and contributes to the overall vibrancy of the UK’s world-leading live music scene.

Speaking on Skiddle joining the ‘Friends of AIF’ programme, John Rostron, CEO of
the AIF, said: “We found ourselves at a table with Skiddle at the UK Festival Awards. We reflected on how our membership has grown and how Skiddle supports many independent grassroots music festivals, making them a good fit for our Friends & Supporters category.
The relationship between a promoter and their ticketing company is obviously a symbiotic
one that can really impact how efficiently and effectively a festival can run from one year to
the next.
We look forward to working with Skiddle so that our members’ needs are considered as part of how their platform operates and evolves.”

Offering his thoughts, Skiddle’s Head of Festivals and Partnerships, Duncan King,
said: “We’re thrilled to become a member of the ‘Friends of AIF’ programme and look forward to collaborating with the organisation in the future. We had our most successful year ever for festivals in 2023, supporting hundreds of independent events in achieving success. Working alongside the AIF, our core aim is to help nurture and support the best independent festivals the UK has to offer, powered by cutting-edge technology and a shared vision.”