Bundl Launches New Accommodation Packaging Solution for Events

Bundl, formerly known as Sound Travel, today announced its official rebranding and the launch of an industry-first partnership platform that connects event organisers and ticket agents with global hotels.

This revolutionary technology uses historic and predictive data insights to predict, capture and share the value of the hotel demand that events create.

“Since lockdown, we’ve seen demand for events reach an all time high, not just for tickets, but also for places to stay, as fans look to experience more than just the event itself. We call this “The Event Effect’ says Mike Bayon, CEO and Founder at Bundl. “For decades the focus for event organisers has been on ticket sales as their primary revenue source and whilst it’s not gone unnoticed, The Event Effect has been overlooked, because they don’t fully understand how to go about benefiting from it”.

Bundl secures bulk room deals at pre-event announcement prices and packages them with allocations of official event tickets at a combined price that takes into account the predicted uplift in hotel pricing that occurs when an event is announced.

Bundl prices are competitively priced to the latest ticket and hotel market rates as if fans were buying separately.  The uplift in hotel pricing is captured in the Bundl and is shared with the event organiser who created the demand in the first place, providing a new revenue stream whilst making it easy for fans to book everything in one go.  All Bundls are 100% financially protected and fully compliant with all travel trading regulations.

The solution arrives at a time when the rising costs of organising events is putting pressure on ticket pricing as the main source of event revenue.  “We understand now more than ever that everyone involved in events is looking for ways to make their tickets work harder. Hotels are an obvious way of monetising the event experience but because they operate in a different silo, it has previously been too complicated to deliver.” added Bayon.

Since its inception in 2017, Sound Travel has worked on events and tours featuring global stars such as Taylor Swift, Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, Coldplay and Billy Joel with partners including Ticketmaster, Live Nation, AEG Presents, Frontier Touring, U-Live and Abba Voyage.

“The rebrand to Bundl marks an exciting new chapter in our journey,” added Bayon. “We’ve learnt a lot and built some solid foundations and strong partnerships as Sound Travel, delivering over £5m in uplift revenue to our partners in the UK, Ireland and Australia.  As Bundl, we’ll be able to take this to the next level and diversify into other verticals and territories where the event effect takes place.  It’s really simple to implement, zero risk and all we need is access to tickets to deliver the model”.

Primary ticket agents also benefit from being part of the distribution mix by being able to earn more from the tickets they sell. There are many different ways of doing so from simple listings to full integrations.

For hotels, the opportunity to become part of the event marketing mix is also an exciting one. The fact that events are usually announced many months in advance and that fans do not tend to cancel, represent solid base business.  Bundl has trusted partnerships with global, nationwide and independent hotels.

For fans, Bundl offers a new level of flexibility to build your own Bundl — combining any ticket type and hotel option in one streamlined, easy to use and 100% financially protected booking process.