Moovin 10th Edition Features Leftfield, Laurent Garnier and Sampa the Great

The proudly independent Moovin Festival returns to Compstall’s udderly unique Whitebottom Farm to celebrate its 10th anniversary edition this August Bank Holiday weekend. Moovin Festival 2024 will feature headline sets from electronic music pioneers Leftfield and legendary DJ Laurent Garnier, plus Sampa the Great, Erol Alkan, Crazy P, David Rodigan, Souls of Mischief, Mr Scruff, Greg Wilson, Jaguar Skills, Congo Natty, Ray Keith, DRS, Nicky Blackmarket, Nubiyan Twist, K Klass and many more innovative bands, DJs and live acts from across the spectrum.

Moovin Festival does seem to have a habit of grabbing big international names that you don’t usually get in such an intimate environment. This means the festival offers a rare chance to get up close and personal with the acts in beautiful surroundings with like-minded crowds of discerning music lovers.

As well as these established legends, Moovin prides itself on bringing together up and coming talents and local performers from some of the quirkiest acts around and the line up also features captivating circus performances, rejuvenating yoga sessions, holistic healing treatments, and ethically sourced cuisine

Set in the picturesque countryside of Etherow Country Park in Compstall, nestled within the eco-friendly Whitebottom farm, just 30 minutes from Manchester and Sheffield, Moovin has earned its reputation for meticulous atte​​ntion to detail, bespoke ambiance, and welcoming atmosphere. Moovin aims to offer a counter-cultural vibe, complemented by an exceptional musical lineup, ethically sourced cuisine, artisanal cocktails, rejuvenating yoga sessions, holistic healing treatments, and captivating circus performances.

Moovin regular and Hacienda Legend Graeme Park makes a welcomed return to celebrate 40 years in the scene, Congo Natty celebrates 30 years as a pioneer of the jungle revolution, Erol Alkan brings his raucous mix of indie dance sounds and Crazy P play a DJ set that explores all forms of disco and Prince Fatty & Horseman will lay down their devastating dub sounds.

Seems that artists quite like it too:

“At the bottom of a tree lined valley, a hay barn with a fat sound-system. A freewheeling crowd, no VIP red ropes, no hassle , just music and good vibes” 90s free party? No its the brilliant Moovin’ festival” GROOVE ARMADA  

“I absolutely adore DJing at Moovin’. It’s truly a unique and magical experience with totally incredible vibes!” GRAEME PARK