Square – A New Four-City Grassroots Event in Portugal

SQUARE, a brand-new celebration of independent artists and grassroots music communities across the continents bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, is scheduled to take place from January 29th to February 1st, 2025. The four-day event will unfold across four locations in Portugal: Braga, Barcelos, Famalicão, and Guimarães. Positioned to contribute to a more diverse and representative music industry ecosystem, SQUARE will serve as a unifying platform, bringing together local scenes with artists and industry professionals spanning the continent of Europe and beyond. In response to the evolving music industry landscape, SQUARE distinguishes itself as more than a conventional showcase festival. It emerges as an artist-focused networking platform dedicated to grassroots, progressive industry practitioners committed to diversity and innovation. It provides an avenue for smaller independent promoters seeking to connect with new audiences and cultural movements.

Recognising the intrinsic connections between Braga and its neighbouring cities—Barcelos, Guimarães, and Famalicão—Square aims to showcase the finest emerging talent through collaborations with local, national, and international partners, including gig.ROCKS! (PT), FMM Sines (PT), Nyege Nyege (UG), Sinsal (ES), COSMOS (NL) and Coquetel Molotov (BR). The event seeks to establish itself as a reference point for both professionals and music enthusiasts, fostering a movement of national and international audiences exploring historic and natural sites through music.

The overarching goal of SQUARE is to provide increased opportunities for smaller creative communities, to fortify networks engaged in grassroots programming and development, and to cultivate new connections and opportunities spanning the continents of the Atlantic: Europe, Africa, and the Americas.

The Square conference, tailored for industry professionals, is scheduled in Braga 29th – 31st January, 2025. Simultaneously, Braga will host the night programme, spotlighting the city’s vibrant clubs and venues. During the same period, Guimarães, Barcelos, and Famalicão will present five afternoon/early evening shows, curated by SQUARE and its partners.

On the final day of the event, SQUARE will centre its activities in Braga, with a programme spanning multiple city locations. The lineup will align with the festival’s artistic vision, focusing on the diverse intercontinental creative communities.


The open call for musicians and bands interested in participating in the inaugural edition of SQUARE will commence on 16th April 2024. The festival seeks artists residing and working within the continents bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. Submissions encompassing diverse musical genres, lineup configurations, and languages are encouraged.

This open call is designed to curate the showcase lineup for the first edition of SQUARE, scheduled to run 29th January – 1st February 2025, across the cities of Braga, Barcelos, Famalicão, and Guimarães.

The selection process will be overseen by the event’s programming team, with results expected to be announced by the end of August.

Successful applicants will receive a performance fee of €750 (on submission of a valid receipt or invoice), catering, accommodation (for artists residing more than 60 km from their venue), technical rider, and backline.

Further information and submission guidelines will be available from 16th April via  www.squarefestival.pt