Paradise City and Eneco Boost Green Power Plan

After winning the world’s most sustainable music festival at the International AGF Awards Paradise City, the Belgian three-day electronic music festival that takes place at Castle Ribaucourt in Steenokkerzeel, has announced further moves towards its aim of running the festival entirely on renewable energy by 2025

Thanks to innovative solutions such as floating solar panels and a brand new in-house electricity cabin on the festival site that provides green power, they are well on their way to achieving this ambitious goal. This summer, the goal is to get 33% of total energy consumption from solar power, 33% from HVO (bio-fuel) and 33% from grid power. Paradise City will be supplied with 100% sustainable and locally generated power from an Eneco solar farm in Puurs.

One of last year’s most notable achievements was the Eneco Solar Island. Here, one of the stages (the Contrast Stage) was 99.22% powered by solar energy from more than 180m² of solar panels on the island. Last year, these panels generated 1038 kWh. This year, 60 additional solar panels will be introduced that will float on the water next to the castle, representing a further 120m² of solar energy. In total, there will be 372m² of solar panels on the festival site.

To further reduce energy consumption, Paradise City uses a smart energy plan. This plan includes an algorithm that controls generators to minimise excess energy consumption. In addition, all light sources at the festival site use LED technology, contributing significantly to energy savings.

With Eneco’s help and ongoing commitment to sustainable innovations, the organisation is determined to create a greener future for Paradise City and the festival industry as a whole.