EXIT and Will.i.am Invite Artists to Join Creative Revolution Aided by FYI.AI

EXIT Festival is teaming up with will.i.am and FYI.AI, the ultimate AI-powered creative collaboration tool, to help awaken your superpowers! On Friday, July 12th, before headlining the Main Stage of EXIT Festival with the Black Eyed Peas, will.i.am will host an intimate, invite-only “Culture FYI’rs” meet-up in Novi Sad, Serbia, featuring a fireside chat and project showcases by artists and creators worldwide!

All artists are invited to join the FYI platform, and produce and develop their projects for a chance to showcase and discuss them with will.i.am during EXIT Festival! The application process starts NOW and will be open until June 30th at the latest. Selected creators will attend this exclusive event, discuss their ideas, and present projects ranging from portfolios to passion projects. This collaboration aims to inspire and empower creators worldwide to join the FYI platform and bring their visions to life. Don’t miss the Black Eyed Peas’ legendary performance and the innovative spirit of FYI.Al at EXIT Festival.

FYI.Al, co-founded by will.i.am and tech visionary Sunil Reddy, offers a secure and dynamic space where creators can collaborate and bring their ideas to life. Turbocharged by multi-modal AI, FYI.Al is the essential app for artists, musicians, and creators of every kind. It’s not just an app, it’s a movement – a call to all creative minds to come together and shape the future.

The collaboration with EXIT offers artists, creators, musicians, designers and imaginative minds a unique chance to get professional feedback and advice from the incredibly talented and tech-savvy mind of will.i.am. EXIT Festival project on FYI.AI app that has all the crucial information regarding the opportunity can be found here, check it out and explore all the possibilities that this platform offers first-hand. EXIT Festival has long been celebrated as one of Europe’s premier music festivals, attracting a diverse array of talent and a vibrant, international audience. This year, the festival promises to elevate its legacy even further, blending the best of music, technology, and creative collaboration.

Projects will be carefully chosen by FYI.AI and EXIT Festival teams. Project creators will be selected to join, and they will not only get a chance to explore their potential and many ways their projects can go with will.i.am, but also experience EXIT Festival in its full glory! The Black Eyed Peas, whose chart-topping hits have become anthems for generations, will light up the stage on Friday the 12th of July, with their dynamic presence and infectious energy. So, as the world tunes in to the beats of the Black Eyed Peas on July 12th, the real excitement lies in the creative possibilities unleashed by FYI.Al. Join the movement, focus your ideas, and be part of shaping the future.