Powerful Thinking Launches the Energy Revolution Initiative

UK: A green initiative on an unprecedented scale is taking root in the UK festival scene. The Energy Revolution officially launched on February 19 at the Event Production Show, with over 10 significant festivals uniting in a shared effort to tackle climate change.

The aim for the industry to take an active stance on climate change, reduce impacts and fund a huge one megawatt wind turbine within 5 years.

Energy Revolution is a registered festival charity (currently being incorporated) founded by the UK Festival think-do tank Powerful Thinking and many leading festival partners.

The initiative crowd-sources voluntary donations from car and camper van pass buyers at the point of ticket purchase, allowing festival-goers to account for their travel emissions, investing 100% of the funds in clean energy to tackle climate change and create a sustainable future for everyone.

Audience travel often makes up 70% or more of a festival’s total carbon footprint. As a festival community of over 200 summer festivals and 2 million festival-goers, the project could account for millions of miles of travel, and turn a problem into a solution – renewable energy is the best chance we have to reduce global emissions to safe levels. 100% of donations going directly towards producing clean and renewable energy for ever, replacing dirty fossil fuels with wind and solar power.

Participating festivals are also tackling their energy by using renewables where possible, reducing energy consumption, and investing directly into renewable energy projects.

Festivals launching the initiative include Bestival, Camp Bestival, Standon Calling, Boomtown, Kendal Calling, Secret Garden Party, Wilderness, Shambala Festival, and Love Saves The Day, with many others soon to be confirmed.

“This is an exciting moment in festival history,” said Chris Johnson, Chair of Powerful Thinking. “A chance for the whole industry to work together on an issue which is far bigger than any one of us, in a way that has real impact. We hope to have over 100 festivals on board within 3 years – the potential for festivals to start a revolution is real.”

Check out an animation detailing the initiative below:

To join the revolution contact the Powerful Thinking team.