The Pop Up Hotel Chooses Topher for Glastonbury 2015

UK: The Pop Up Hotel has chosen Topher Ltd. to provide 24-hour security for its compound at Glastonbury Festival, from June 15 – July 3 2015. Topher will provide day and night security for the Pop Up Hotel compound that includes the self-catering The Pop Up Motel area. Topher will also provide stewarding and traffic management services to The Pop Up Hotel during the three days of the festival, which takes place from June 24 – 26.

The Pop Up Hotel has been providing hotel-standard ‘glamping’ facilities to festivals, events and impromptu resorts since 2011. Glastonbury this year will be The Pop Up Hotel’s biggest event to date, creating a hotel from traditional canvas bell tents plus a combination of yurts, Airstream trailers and even gypsy caravans, all within a short walk from the main festival site. Featuring a full concierge and reception service, a fully equipped dining room and a comfortable lounge, The Pop Up Hotel will be providing its guests with a luxury festival experience.

With a well established brand identity and a valuable reputation for quality and customer service to uphold, The Pop Up Hotel wanted a security solution provider that shared its dedication to customer service, as The Pop Up Hotel’s managing director, Mark Sorill, explained:

“When I was looking for a security firm that would be a good fit for the needs of The Pop Up Hotel at Glastonbury 2015, I wanted one that could deliver effective, reliable security with a strong customer service ethic, as well as accredited traffic management personnel to manage cars, on and off the public highway. We want our guests and their belongings to be safe and secure, and that means a continuous security presence day and night. But I don’t want our guests to see it as a heavy security presence. Topher strikes exactly the right balance, providing smartly dressed, fully trained personnel with great interpersonal skills and approachable demeanour.”

On-site for nearly a fortnight, Topher Ltd will also be bringing its famous Nepalese Curry Tent to the The Pop Up Hotel, providing spicy sustenance to hotel guests, staff and the Topher employees who are camping out for the duration of their deployment.

Angel Kotsev, Topher’s head of security and on-site manager for the entire deployment, expressed his satisfaction at The Pop Up Hotel’s decision, saying: “This is precisely what Topher does best, providing a robust and vigilant security umbrella for an event and expert traffic management, whilst delivering impeccable service to guests and visitors.”

Oh, and if you haven’t seen the Glastonbury line-up yet you can check it out here.