BeatSwitch acquires Buttons for Events and MECANO

BELGIUM: During the summer of 2015, Belgian company BeatSwitch made two intellectual property acquisitions: Buttons for Events, and MECANO – Alex Stevens’ impressive digital back office for the Dour Festival.

These acquisitions have allowed BeatSwitch to offer a new accreditation module, crew management perspectives, and a more powerful artist management platform that makes the product a lot more relevant to the live music festival market.

What’s most exciting about this big step for the young company is that it allows them, as the leading force in festival management software, to take an even more progressive approach to the industry. Accreditations management, crew management, and even asset management for medium to big size festivals can finally be offered with the same ease of use the BeatSwitch Artist Management product.

Just little over two years after its launch in 2013, BeatSwitch shows that it is a maturing company, committed to delivering ever more value, transparency and ROI for festival teams.

Buttons for Events

After already successfully supporting festival crews at Feest in het Park, Boomtown (Ghent), and Student Kickoff, this management system offers great perspectives to the broader BeatSwitch platform. The Buttons team will stay involved in all further development, despite the completed acquisition, to ensure consistency and top quality software for crew managers.

MECANO – Dour Festival

Over years of being talent buyer and artist manager at Dour Festival, Alex Stevens used his programming skills to develop a back office through which the festival team could streamline communication with partners. Given Dour’s wide variety in acts every year, MECANO can offer BeatSwitch a much deeper artist management product. The company aims to incorporate all of the acquired IP, including all features and tailored workflows. This will open up very exciting new possibilities for the live music market.