Crowd Connected pioneers staff tracking innovation

UK: Award-winning technology start-up Crowd Connected has further expanded the capabilities of colocator, its location insight platform, with the introduction of a new staff-tracking module.

In a world first, colocator’s new software-as-a-service solution enables named individuals to be located in real-time to remarkable accuracy, without requiring installation of beacons or other expensive site-wide hardware. Crucially, it works both indoors and outdoors.

By issuing members of staff with Crowd Connected’s low-cost, reusable lanyard-style tags containing an embedded Bluetooth transmitter, operators of stadia, arenas, festivals and city-centres are now able to pinpoint the location of any individuals wearing the lanyards.

The solution extends colocator’s underlying patent-pending technology which captures location data from mobile devices in the environment – in essence using phones as a mobile sensor network to localise those persons wearing the tags.

Unlike other solutions, colocator is not reliant on a single underlying location technology (such as GPS or Beacons).

This staff tracking feature is easy to configure via an intuitive web console. It delivers a number of benefits out-of-the-box to operators, including:

  • Accuracy to sub five metres
  • Real-time monitoring via maps and dashboard visualisations
  • Immediate replay of precise positions for any time or incident
  • Facility to message individuals/groups (in-app or SMS) based on current or historic location
  • Storage of trajectory histories enabling rich post-event analytics
  • Features in development include searching and grouping
  • Positive Feedback

Commenting on the new feature release, James Cobb, CEO of Crowd Connected, said: “We are passionate about using our unrivalled real-time digital location insight to enhance and personalise real-world services. Once again we’ve been working closely with our clients to extend the functionality of our platform and the staff tracking module is a major new feature release which illustrates this commitment.

“We recently piloted staff tracking at a major US event and were delighted with the feedback we received.

“There are benefits in tracking many different staff groups, but particularly in relation to security personnel at a live event. For example, it provides controllers and dispatchers with real-time visibility of security staff locations to help determine the best response to incidents.”

The new feature has application not just to staff but also to other groups of people, and beyond that even to tracking assets in transit – such as vehicles on event sites.

Cobb added: “Integrating our technology into wristbands is something we are actively looking at. For the first time that would enable the accurate tracking of groups like VIPs or even an event’s entire attendees – seamlessly and at low cost.

“We’re already engaged in some exciting discussions with interested parties as to how our technology can be applied for some really interesting use cases.”

Crowd Connected