Flow Festival celebrates left-field sounds and experimental music

Photo credit: Jussi Hellsten

FINLAND: Flow Festival has announced the line-up for its experimental music programme The Other Sound, taking over the festival’s small and intimate Tiivistämö space from August 12 – 14.

The Other Sound will feature Swedish singer and multi-instrumentalist Anna Von Hausswolff; explorer to the further reaches of pop and electronic music Holly Herndon; ambient composer William Basinski; Ian William Craig with his mixture of choral, ambient and noise influences; as well as Norwegian Megalodon Collective, who mix jazz, classical and noise.

Also on The Other Sound line-up are Orpokotijuhlat Saarella, The Sultans, Elatu Nessa, Draama-Helmi, Myttys, Tsembla, Pink Twins, Destroyer2048, Osuma Ensemble, and NYKY Ensemble.

Flow Festival